Become "roasted seeds and nuts" empty Pa why it is worth a buy?

The former steel-ceramic rims of the Daytona 116500 is one of the most expensive watches in 2016 except for the Patek Philippe 40th Anniversary Edition Nautilus.rolex cellini shop across the board out of stock, the secondary market over the price of transactions. Steel box ceramic circle Ditong take the price and 116520 steel ring Dietong's wages are not much difference, the cost of more than 90,000 yuan. According to the recent situation, the secondary market, the price of new ceramic ring steel Di has reached 13 million, but still a cartier replica hard to find. Obviously, even after the release of the Basel Watch, it has been for such a long time that the heat of the watch is still no signs of subside, and will continue to heat up in the future. Become "roasted seeds and nuts" empty Pa why it is worth a buy? 2016 Rolex two "hot speculation" model, the new empty and ceramic ring steel section Di passa In contrast to the other into the "hot" stage of the casio replica is the new empty Pa. The Rolex air bargain, you can count the empty bar is the second change, but also change the largest and most thorough one. Looking back on the last Rolex Air Defeat to determine the empty Pa 34 mm size (35 mm for different measurements), and the color plate, the standard appearance of the standard. When the empty tyrants of the facelift has been considered to be earth-shattering, people can not think of is that the new version of the air force 116900 change even bigger, so much to the advent of the ceramic ring to follow the pace of steel, become this year Rolex's second popular style. Each of the first time to see the new version of the air force 116900 people, if not the disk on the 6-point Air-King words, who will not be the watch and the air before the link together. Because the intensity of the facelift is too great. The new air force 116900 size from 34 mm to 40 mm, more than a probe (39 mm), the dial transplanted to explore a landmark 3,6,9 disk. But in the 3,6,9 between the increase in the digital scale, while the green ROLEX logo and green needle has become a "watch forum hot discussion topic." This watch is considered to be "the most fashionable Rolex" when it comes. When a watch to become "roasted seeds and nuts", it means that you need to use more than the price of common sense can be obtained. Most people will undoubtedly think that we need to wait until the "roasted seeds and nuts," the heat after the fever, waiting for the bubble faded, is to start "roasted seeds" of the time. So why do I want to contrarian here, that the new version of the air is not only worth a buy, but also in the present is not the time of the fever? Because this watch is too worthy, but also from the perspective of a primary market point of view. Become "roasted seeds and nuts" empty Pa why it is worth a buy? As this year's Rolex No. 2 hot watch, empty tyrants in the secondary market premium is not how high to my personal experience, just slightly more than some of the conventional, more than the empty dominated the market, but far no ceramic ring steel 116500 strength (the current new version of the empty market and green glass similar), but no matter how much or less, super or super. The new air force 116900 of less than 50,000, 48,000 yuan, what a surprising price! We recall the past will find that Rolex in this price before this only to provide the most standard version of the 3-pin Oyster-style constant motion, a standard without any of the Rolex (exploration of a price of more than 50,000). 4 million yuan price has been the main price model of the Omega model (such as hippocampus aqua terra, hippocampus ocean universe), the price is not the main battlefield of Rolex, Rolex appears in this price section is not Rolex's most popular style The Now, the emergence of the new version of Air Force 116900 Rolex in 50,000 yuan with a heavyweight watch below. Not only cheap, but also very popular, and have all the characteristics of the mainstream Rolex movement, as well as the statement of excellent reputation. According to Rolex has always been the law, the new version of the air force 116900 use 40 mm aperture case, Mercedes-Benz needle (using the new version of the needle), 3,6,9 disk. Case size of more than 39 exploration, from the movement to the case, the disk configuration and basic exploration, but the price is lower than the probe, which is unreasonable? The new version of Air Force 116900 of all will have such a price, or because the disk. The new version of the air seems to look like a 214270 similar, but the new version of the airplane 116900 disk in addition to 3,6,9, the number from 5 to 55 are printed figures. And explore a addition to 3,6,9, the other scales are striped luminous time scale, striped luminous time frame should also be K gold. So the watch disk configuration to more than the new version of Air Force 116900. When you see a new air force 116900 will be found after the printing of the font and the traditional Rolex luminous scale of the great difference. Without a word, a penny of goods, expensive and expensive, low prices have low prices. In fact, according to the new version of the new air defensive market price, the new version of the empty price is still at a high level, is still "hot watch". But the secondary market high, does not mean that the situation of the same market is grim. Rarely valuable is that the new version of the air force 116900 in the Rolex store is in stock (unlike the ceramic ring steel plate was out of stock). In other words, we can easily get the watch in accordance with the wages. Although the secondary market of the watch industry circulation of a large number of Rolex, but in the current new version of the empty at a high level, the new version of the air force 116900 is worth a wrist to get the watch (more pay is worth it), because it is Rolex Unprecedented price, providing an unprecedented price. "Roasted seeds and nuts" empty tyrants, it is worth a buy.