N factory V7 version of the Rolex AIR-KING Air King Series 116900-71200 contrast watch counter genuine

In the midst of November, the factory re-engraved the new Rolex Air Pa, the current sale of this is still very good, after all, is an entry section, simple work, not particularly complex, low threshold. This rolex replica watches dial for the 3-pin, blue for the second hand, Mercedes-Benz needle clockwise, long needle for the minute hand. Positive comparison work N factory produced or trustworthy. ▼ positive contrast two diagram: the two panerai replica, placed in the light, because the two watch is used in the polished, reflective consistency. ▼ LOGO contrast two diagram: LOGO contrast, small yellow crown, ROLEX O letters, re-engraved no genuine oval some, the remaining no difference. 0/10/20/25/35/40/50/55 / ​​mark is white, but there is no genuine color of some white, what other font class is no difference The ▼ watch needle comparison chart: hour hand for the standard breitling replica Benz pin, due to lighting reasons, so compared to the feeling of green second hand is not genuine color bright, in fact, the color is consistent, not too much difference. ▼ mirror contrast map: mirror for the sapphire mirror, no blue film. Mirror is arched. ▼ side contrast map: side paste with two-dimensional code, with the same genuine. Here in the friendship to remind that the two-dimensional code is pasted, not a laser mark, a tear that is out. ▼ crown comparison chart: Apparent design for the screw-in, consistent with the genuine. Crown side of the Shenzhen LOGO small crown, size, thickness, is also consistent. Rolex for the N plant is absolutely hand to capture the process. Main brand. ▼ watch comparison chart: This watch has two positions to tell you, the first position is now the header of this position, the header with the strap link at the gap, the gap is a bit big, not with Water ghost is like a card, because this watch is Rolex entry models, that is genuine, gave him positioning in an entry style, so genuine this position is the same. Please compare the above chart. ▼ movement contrast Figure 1: This watch is tight, open the back cover in the movement, you can see a letter B and an arrow, what is the role of it? Muffler. The meaning of the arrow B is the opposite direction twist open. When the inner ring is open, the inside engraves the font. N factory engraved V7 version of the air can be said to be one to one degree, so internally and externally! ▼ movement contrast Figure 2: open the silence ring, you can see the movement of this watch genuine movement for the 3131 machine, and re-engraved with the movement is made 2836 movement, so the movement is still a big difference, But do not be afraid, this is a close, is not see the movement, so do not panic. ▼ clasp comparison chart: the second position to be introduced, is the clasp, this clasp may not find the problem there. This empty heap just like I said above the header interface, clasped the Rolex crown in front of that position, that is the middle of the clasp that gap is relatively large, you can look at the genuine map, is the case. This design days also do not want to understand why the design, but this position, including genuine is also so designed, when I consult a customer, is a loyal fan of the clothes, and he booked this genuine empty hegemony, he was Give me the answer is, Rolex explorers 1 generation, as well as empty tyrants, clasps are so designed, because it is Rolex entry models, so this design is normal. I also feel very silent, do not know there is no expert opinion, you can send a message. Figure 2: buckle for the smooth buckle, that is, in March 2016 after the Rolex genuine explorer, submarine, yacht, these three watch buckle are smooth, not in the There are frosted surface, and N plant V7 version of the empty buckle is also used by the clasp, followed by the V7 version of the process. ▼ luminous contrast map: luminous color is blue, not blue Oh, with the water devil is not the same. Luminous intensity, inferior to genuine. ▼ Summary: At present the empty bag is now the strongest version of the market has been logged on the market, that is, N factory produced V7 version of the Rolex process. To sum up, this empty tyrant is similar to the explorer generation, but the explorer 1 on behalf of the needle for the black, and empty Pa is a green. So the feeling of heaven is really a bit too fooled, the whole half a day, in fact, is an explorer 1 generation. Engraved process as a whole, one by one is not any pressure, after all, N factory veteran craft is the service. The rest is the movement stability, the movement is made of domestic 2836, stability, such as Rolex water ghost, like the movement, the stability of nature is the same. Is it worth starting? If you like the simple style, and is N factory loyal fans, then this empty hegemony is very worthwhile to start. After all, there is a small green flag.