What is the excitement of the Rolex Shui Ghost? Can be loved by the crowd

Do you often listen to friends about "green ghosts"? Now we come to talk about why replica watches "green ghost" then so fire? "Green Water Ghost" is the name of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submarine calendar type watch. Since its birth in 1953, the watch has become one of the necessary professional divers equipment, a generation of classic watches. One is talking about In 1926 fake rolex watches according to oyster shell design "Oyster" case. To open an Oyster case, you must use up to 5 Newton's torque. Oyster case back cover, can be a variety of violations refused to the door, the use of Oyster case "green water ghost", waterproof can reach 300 meters. Second is good performance "Green Water Ghost" equipped with Rolex homemade trump card movement, known as "the king of automatic winding" 3135 movement, wheel gear less, so that the movement is more solid and reliable. Two-way winding mechanism, so that the winding effect is higher. Instant calendar is another feature of it. Three is high identification Its bezel uses Rolex exclusive patented green alloy ceramic ring, both ceramic hardness and alloy shiny luster and noble. And then with the "green gold" dial, it is enough eye-catching. "Green Water Ghost" nickname is also from its green bezel and dial. The reason why the green ghosts to sell expensive, and a watch hard to find, all the domestic and foreign stores green water ghosts are basically no goods, super hedge, because the green ghost of the outer ring is the most difficult to do the ceramic ring, Only about two-thirds of the green ghosts will burst in the last high-temperature pouring ceramic, finished less than 30%. Classic water ghost modeling, since the birth in 1953 has not changed, the future will not change, never out of time, very nice green ceramic ring and green dial. Green is the representative of Rolex, Rolex for the green ghost of the green as the color of the forest, people looked very comfortable and relaxed, so it was said that it is cured. For the N plant V7 re-engraved version of the Rolex Green Water Ghost; Updated content: 1. The inside of the inscribed shading lines are also more fine. 2. Scales platinum scale more detailed, no obvious grainy, the color is also closer to the original. 3. inner ring lettering upgrade, with the same original technology, you can see the obvious inner and outer ring two notches. 4. Sapphire glass edge cut corners are more smooth. 5. Surface font re-printing. 6. Strap edge polishing upgrade. 7. Water ghost extension buckle open when the inside for the same as the original black ceramic particles. 8. buckle inside the Rolex pattern to polished, and the latest version of the original consistent, to compare the friends see the beginning of the red word 9. luminous beads to upgrade, luminous beads part of the metal inside the cut angle now have, and looks the same effect with the original. Something is rare, really about ten niggas have a green ghost, the labor of the green ghost's price higher than the nigga also shows that the green ghost's manufacturing cost is higher than the nigga, which may be determined by the number of production The less the yield the higher the cost of a single, it may be as legendary as the green ceramic ring process cost is higher than the black circle. More watch knowledge sharing, true and false comparison evaluation can be concerned about the three mountain watch industry