What is the current gap between Omega and Rolex?

Copyright belongs to the author, reproduced please contact the author authorized. The first swiss replica watches of the father is Omega just talk about it under the impression. Or in my father's view of this watch, especially by the Chinese do not understand the watch of the middle class of love, of course, my father's point of view is also middle-class Omega will not be too high-profile feeling that it is 10 years ago rolex replica uk is now Quite high profile. Omega's revival is Mr. Hayek's first knife with Swatch Group. Longines relegated to enhance the Omega brand image and later speculation Breguet with the same way, but Breguet Niu Niu Niu can sell historical feelings and Omega with similar to today's hunger marketing is millet play that set to create Omega very The appearance of the fire lifted him up. As for the second step is in competition with Cheap Replica piaget Watches has been taking the old road of Rolex 94 years before 007 all the watches have been Rolex contracted after Omega took over in the play and then in the Olympic Games as a special time The existence can be said that the current Omega is Rolex before the end of the routine. But in history there is nothing to dig a long history of Long, but people's pocket watch Niubi Rolex history is short but people also have to do a good record of anti-tasted antique need to have a sense of pocket piece of something to dig a lot of things digging Breguet year is a large part of the revitalization is By the auction of high prices antique propped up. And Omega in the history of the feeling and nothing to dig on the moon to engage in a big news in fact nothing to say plus and Rolex than the speed of the shop Unfortunately, the internal style of the group to exaggerated arrogant jewelry style is difficult to get in Tasting. Plus a bunch of star endorsement soil hammer style that is to buy the watch you buy each piece of the actual one-third of the price are dedicated to the Olympic sponsorship and advertising. In this lost another way. To look at his four series is really nothing to see the head. In about thirty thousand can be slaughtered but the temptation to add money on the ear has been echoed in your ear. Once the price on the 40,000 hippocampus in the water before the defeat. Tell the truth of the female form of the words butterfly fly constellation may be in some people aesthetic look better than the Rolex, but there are money that people turned around and turned into the Cartier as to up to 100,000 models unless the brain residual powder or ordinary people will not spend 10 million to buy Piece of Omega in addition to the special limited section here also named criticized Omega out what is not good to think about a ticket engraved look next door Rolex water ghost play to now five generations which generation are too time 1680 red words I two days ago in the subway To see an old man is still wearing in the eyes of the Japanese Rolex position absolutely rolling Omega. Talk about the movement Omega's coaxial series must be more than the water ghost of the 3135 series to be more scientific and technological sense, but before experienced stealing the storm although now has improved but everyone who is not idle to nothing to eat when the people who eat crabs Rolex The movement left on the stability of the conservative refused to hit the sign every time you are looking through the autumn of the new trend to let their horse brother brother rudder to test when the new Tudor has started with self-produced movement of the original Ditong take Is really the movement when the real force is now half dead do not live directly abandoned in the new generation of the new Di microblogging big brother who one by one in the process of drying on the technology Omega is but did not take much of the pioneer The It can be said Omega in Swatch's internal or quite value. Complex Rolex out of the name of the three ax but really did not hear who asked Rolex to do the tourbillon, as Omega I have not heard of said tourbillon. Polished before or on the Daddy Daikin Omega study Rolex is the water ghost work on the just section of the law is not so fine steel labor is not just by grinding the famous decorative polished seen Glashütte skill really But the Lange players are basically not see. The appearance of a considerable number of people on the existence of prejudice to the labor of the reputation of labor is really. The The But in fact, after the age of the old man wearing a really nice to see (thin the spirit of the kind of old man is not the oil level of the Mediterranean Director). Chanel is actually a very taste watch actually pick people. This is not a good evaluation of the love. Omega's rise before the days of the Pegasus Longines in the low-end models when the door god is now in the pursuit of Rolex on the road drifting but the way to go is still very long Ginza Swatch 2 floor are Omega's third floor left to Jacques De Luo Bao Pugla Suuti Longines is the top of the Breguet can say that the funds to the funds to pet love but want to beat Rolex is really a long way to repair their own. Boring back to dig a grave before the thirty thousand to buy a ghost of friends to give a guide. Go to the UK to grab the current exchange rate of 5,000 pounds plus tax rebate completely no problem more than thirty thousand can buy. Of course, dramatic. The two days of the British straight shop have been off the hook. Green water ghosts do not refund less than 50,000. Can be said that after the Japanese tax rebate even lower 5-6k more. This year is really crazy year.